Our Vet Practice – Torquay Animal House Vet Practice

Our practice has 6 vets with multiple interests and experience. We service Torquay, the Surf Coast & indeed have clients who come to us from Geelong & Melbourne – because they love the service and ethos of our practice.

The vets constantly stay up to date with veterinary advances by attending continuing education courses and conferences, as well as daily online stud.


Come to the hospital immediately during operating hours or contact 03 52616 486 for after hours services.


Owning a pet can be expensive. We are all aware of regular expenses such as feeding, flea and worm control, neutering, annual health checks and vaccinations. But what happens if your pet is injured or becomes seriously ill?


Our vets are dedicated to providing excellent care for your pet. We have a hospital full of the kind of equipment we need to achieve our goals. As well as the standard surgery, X Ray, Laboratory & usual Hospital facilities one would expect in a vet practice, we also have special interest in ultrasonography.


Our extensive FAQs are here to answer any questions you might have about us, our services and our staff.

Patient Stories

We love every animal that comes through our doors. Come read and enjoy some our Patient Stories.


Please contact us to organise a time to come visit our caring vets and staff. We hope to hear from you soon!


Patient Stories

We love our community and we love where we live! Patient stories is a new feature to our website where we share a stories about beautiful animals and people. We can’t wait to start sharing our stories with the community. If you have a story you want to share, please contact us.